There are answers to your health challenges.

It starts with deep listening.

Functional Medicine in Great Falls, MT

Listening deeply and finding the missing pieces is what we do.  Setting you free to live a life of purpose, with joy, meaning and abundance is who we are.

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Everyone deserves to be heard and seen. That is the key to finding the missing pieces and reclaiming your health.

Whether online or at our Great Falls clinic, we empower individuals to find solutions to their health challenges so they can live their best life—one of purpose, joy, meaning and abundance.

We often work with individuals who know something is wrong, but have not been able to find the answers on their own. People struggle with symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, mood swings or stubborn weight, preventing them from showing up as their best self. They feel confused, overwhelmed and alone. If that is you, call us today. Your first call is free! Our team looks at the whole person, with a root-cause approach that could be the answer for you.

​Are you ready for a partnership committed to actually healing, rather than simply medicating your body?

Our hope is that you will find freedom from pain, sickness, medication, endless doctor visits, fatigue, toxins, and regrets.  Are these things keeping you from living your purpose and reaching your full potential?

Hello, and welcome. We are thrilled that you found us! What do you say when friends ask “how are you?” If you’re like many, your response is “I’m surviving.”

What if you could do more than just survive? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Whatever brought you here, I believe you will find hope, help, and healing.

We are 100% committed to partnering with you to create greater health and abundance than you may have imagined.

How do we do that? We educate, equip and empower you to fill your life with so much good, there is simply no room left for the bad. It’s like turning on a light in a dark room-when the light fills the space, the darkness automatically vanishes.

Reclaiming your health and learning how to change your lifestyle is not hard – it is just different. We will be there to guide you through the process, and as you implement the changes you can’t help but see results. We all know if nothing changes, nothing changes!

This investment will pay lifelong dividends that take you from just surviving to thriving!

We believe that you will find freedom from whatever is holding you back.

We invite you to learn more about our approach and see if it is the answer you’ve been looking for by joining us at our next free live webinar OR booking your free call with our team today.

Dr Loy Anderson, MD

Dr. Loy Anderson of Thriven Functional Medicine Clinic

If you are tired of trying to figure it out on your own,   book your free call today with our team to find out if our whole-person, root-cause approach is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Work with us online or in person.


Conditions We Treat

We cannot heal or cure you. No doctor can. But when the body is provided with the right nutrients and support, it is wonderfully designed to heal and repair itself. Rather than focusing on treating illness or symptoms, we are going to tap into the innate healing wisdom of your body and focus on creating health. Here are just a few of the things our clients have found help with in our programs.

Latest News

Brandon Jurasek

Brandon Jurasek

When I started Thriven, I had IBS for 15 years, gout, low energy levels, insulin resistance which led to belly fat and rashes. I had been in and out of doctors and I had completely given up on trying to heal my IBS and other issues attributing it to getting older. I...

Bill Spangler

Bill Spangler

Sometimes You Just Need A Helping Hand I have had a few health issues throughout my lifetime. I had contracted Hepatitis C through a blood transfusion, at a time when the cure was very harsh and not guaranteed. Years later, progress in medicine found a cure, for which...

Rena Wengerd

Rena Wengerd

When I first heard of Functional Medicine, it piqued my interest. Who would not want to see a doctor that gets to the root of the problem? I had tried every health and diet program to no avail. A friend told me about Dr. Loy, and I finally got the nerve to call. My...

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