There are answers
to your health question,
and it starts with deep listening.

Functional Medicine in Great Falls, MT

Listening deeply and finding the missing pieces is what we do.  Setting you free to live a life of purpose, with joy, meaning and abundance is who we are.

Everyone deserves to be heard and seen.
That is the key to finding the missing pieces and reclaiming your health.

Whether online or at our Great Falls clinic, we empower individuals to find solutions to their health challenges so they can live their best life—one of purpose, joy, meaning and abundance.

We often work with individuals who know something is wrong, but have not been able to find the answers on their own. People struggle with symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, mood swings or stubborn weight, preventing them from showing up as their best self. They feel confused, overwhelmed and alone. If that is you, call us today. Your first call is free! Our team looks at the whole person, with a root-cause approach that could be the answer for you.

​Are you ready for a partnership committed to actually healing, rather than simply medicating your body?

Our hope is that you will find freedom from pain, sickness, medication, endless doctor visits, fatigue, toxins, and regrets.  Are these things keeping you from living your purpose and reaching your full potential?

If you're striving for more than just getting by and are ready to transcend the cycle of feeling perpetually unwell, you're in the right place. Our mission is to transform your "I'm surviving" into a vibrant "I'm thriving." With a steadfast commitment to your health journey, we offer education, tools, and support, ensuring your path to wellness is not only clear but also achievable. Imagine flipping a switch, illuminating your health, and leaving no space for the shadows of illness. That's what we aim for. Change isn't just possible; it's empowering, and we're here to guide every step. Ready to invest in a life where thriving is your new normal? Discover our approach by joining us at our next free in-person or online seminar, or schedule a complimentary call with our team. Your liberating journey to optimal wellness begins here.


You are loved,
Dr. Loy Anderson, MD

If you are tired of trying to figure it out on your own, book your free call today with our team to find out if our whole-person, root-cause approach is the answer you’ve been looking for.

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