Being an RN was a wonderful career, but 40 years of being on-call 24/7 took a toll. I helped others; my family, friends, patients/residents and their families, staff, and visitors. The one person I failed was myself, as I did not apply all I knew and taught to others to myself.


After retiring, in addition to feeling irrelevant, I was struggling with sleep, weight, inflammatory disease and high blood pressure, eating carelessly and poorly compliant with water.

I knew of functional medicine and after seeing Dr. Anderson’s posts on Facebook introducing her practice, I participated in an online event and applied for the 6 month program.

In the year I have been a Thriven FM participant, pounds have been shed and high blood pressure meds discontinued. Exercise has become a part of my daily routine; my thoughts are crisper and my sleep is improved. I have learned so much about “good” food and making appropriate food choices. I have experienced the benefit of appropriate supplements. I have learned how critically I viewed and spoke to myself. The ongoing coaching and classes are restoring as well as educational.

Traditional medicine is necessary, functional medicine is life-sustaining.

It is with gratitude that I think of Thriven, Dr. Anderson, the coaches, and staff.