After so many years of caring for so many people, having an active business life, a great marriage and family life, I realized I had put myself and my health at the bottom of the list. I worked tirelessly and loved all I was involved in, but my weight and stress had gone up and my activity level had gone down.

Bamma Taylor

Coming into a time when I finally said “Enough”, my dear friend Dr Loy was on to a new adventure too. “Perfect” I said! “This is an opportunity of a lifetime”. My husband, Jim, was equally thrilled and we embarked on an amazing journey to find new health. It has been about three years since we entered this program of change and have come into new health and vitality.

My life has changed in so many ways.
New vigor, lower weight, better sleep, having emotional support to meet the challenges, amazing and helpful information, and new friends!
I’ve had some health challenges this year, but I can’t imagine having faced them without the love and encouragement from Dr. Loy and her staff.

Each day I realize more that this is the best gift I can give myself.

The sky is the limit!