The Bible says, “two are better than one, for if one of them falls down the other is there to help them get up again.” The first point in this story is how happy we are that we decided to do it together. Barb’s decades of sleuthing and guessing had not produced results, however the moment we placed ourselves in the care of Dr Anderson and her team things began to change.

Just over the halfway point in the program we are so certain we are making progress together far better than either of us could have done alone, we understand so many things that once left us in confusion, and are establishing a mindset that will carry us into the future step by step resulting in even better health than we are experiencing at this moment. We feel blessed and privileged to be experiencing this wonderful program that has been designed so well to make us successful in reversing the direction of our health. The Thriven team are not doing their jobs, they are living out their callings and we feel it with every interaction.

This program is a big commitment but is so worth the effort.

It has not only already produced remarkable lab results and alleviation of symptoms, but things have been uncovered through Dr. Anderson’s determination to find root issues, things that can be addressed and which are already responding to actions taken. The best thing about the Thriven Functional Medicine program is the synergy effect of interviews, labs and various tests, coaching, curriculum, carefully selected quality supplements, periodic measurements and interaction with others going through the program.

Trust the process and discover the most beautiful journey into blessing your whole spirit, soul, and body with restored health.