Bill-SpanglerSometimes You Just Need A Helping Hand

I have had a few health issues throughout my lifetime. I had contracted Hepatitis C through a blood transfusion, at a time when the cure was very harsh and not guaranteed. Years later, progress in medicine found a cure, for which I am grateful, but my body had taken quite a beating with it. My own health habits were not helping me, and my digestive system was a continual problem. I was certain I was dealing with a lot of inflammation and had very low energy a lot of the time. I was on a continual search for answers, and I had tried many things before I heard what Dr. Loy was doing. I decided to take it seriously and work the program.

The guidance from the curriculum, the coaches, and the results that began to be evident gave me the push to make the changes that would provide lasting results. I appreciated the fact that my body responded well and when I paid attention to it,

I was reminded of the things I needed to do if I wanted to keep feeling better and better.

The care and guidance from the team was a motivating factor to walk with me through the plateaus and times that might feel discouraging. However, the end result is so encouraging. I wish I could feel like I did in December for about 15 seconds only, just to realize how far I’ve come! However, I just keep enjoying the new place I am in and the benefits that have come from taking better care of myself.