When I started Thriven, I had IBS for 15 years, gout, low energy levels, insulin resistance which led to belly fat and rashes. I had been in and out of doctors and I had completely given up on trying to heal my IBS and other issues attributing it to getting older.

I learned so much about sustainable health, physically and mentally.

I want to thank Dr. Loy for her listening and care that she showed. She helped me take care of the problem, not by attacking the symptoms with prescriptions but healing through fixing the root of the problem. The crew including my coach Jackie I want to thank for keeping me on track and accountable as well as offering valuable insights. Becca and Angie for always being so friendly and helpful. Cali for putting together all her educational videos.

It definitely took work and discipline but stick to it, the results are worth it. Thanks to following the plan I am mostly healed from those problems and can now live a healthy, prosperous life. I can travel again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking by me, helping me, and seeing this through. I’m forever grateful for all you have done.