In May I reached out to Thriven after three years of feeling like my body was just not recovering after a surgery and seemingly just becoming more and more sick and inflamed. By the time I realized I needed help, I was so inflamed and sick that my day-to-day life was getting difficult to get through. I had no energy, barely able to stay awake all day, and I was in tremendous pain. On top of that I was taking up to three different allergy meds at one point and two different meds to help with GI issues. It was making me extremely miserable and that didn’t just affect me, but my family and friends too.


I started the program on June 2nd and to say it changed my life is an understatement. Within the first three weeks I gained back so much energy, my mobility improved drastically, and I had so much less brain fog. I was able to stay up all day, get through work without feeling like I could just collapse, and my joints became less swollen. I was also able to lose 34 pounds so far when before starting, it seemed like that scale was going to just keep climbing and climbing and there was no hope of it ever going back down. I have learned about feeding my body the proper nutrition it needs to thrive as well as listen to it when it has something that can potentially cause issues. Learning what my body can and cannot have has been beneficial to my health.

I honestly cannot believe I waited three years after that surgery to start the program and wish I had started immediately when I knew thing were not going well.

I am so grateful for Dr. Anderson and the whole Thriven support team for taking me on as a patient, providing me education, and for all the support. It has truly been a blessing in my life, and I make sure to share it with everyone. I am excited to keep continuing and see where this journey continues to lead me.