You may not be familiar with functional medicine. It is an evolution in the practice of medicine that we believe better addresses the healthcare needs of the 21st Century. It views each person as unique, and engages both the patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. It focuses on what kind of person has a disease, instead of what kind of disease the person has. Functional medicine shifts the traditional disease-centered focus of practicing medicine, to a more patient-centered approach. It takes the whole person into account, not just the symptoms.

You may be familiar with well-known doctors who promote functional medicine including Mehmet Oz, MD, Mark Hyman, MD, and Will Cole, DC. Functional medicine is practiced by conventionally-trained physicians and other established clinicians who have gone for extensive training to become certified so that they are able to apply functional medicine within the scope of their current healthcare licensure.

Functional medicine is a systems-based approach that delves into determining why an imbalance exists, and identifying and correcting the root cause rather than simply masking symptoms of disease. In this model, practitioners spend significant time with their patients – listening to their history and observing genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors – to understand their influence on long-term health and complex, chronic disease.

According to the Institute for Functional Medicine, functional medicine is a science-based approach focused on the individual to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. It incorporates data from each patient’s lifestyle factors to develop a personalized treatment plan.

Treatment is delivered through all-inclusive packages which include:

  • All testing necessary to accurately identify imbalances
  • Personalized coaching
  • Recommended supplements and nutraceutical support
  • Extensive education curriculum
  • Tremendous support

Our hope is to support patients as they find freedom from pain, sickness, medication, endless doctor visits, fatigue, toxins, and regrets – or any other factors that are keeping them in survival mode. We offer a partnership that is committed to actually healing, rather than medicating, so you can thrive!

At Thriven Functional Medicine, we work with our clients to help them move forward, recover from illness, and maintain a balanced lifestyle. We partner with you to educate, equip and empower you on your journey toward better health.  Call us today at 406-205-8100 to learn more about our unique medical clinic and all-inclusive packages for making hope, health and healing possible. We focus on providing you an experience and results that will far exceed your expectations.