After being on the program just over six months, our physical being has improved so much. We learned that there was so much more to great health other than just weight loss. We don’t have the heartburn we both had prior to the program, and we have quit using Nexium as a band aid on this disorder.  We enjoy trying new healthy recipes with lots of healthy vegetables which I would have never even approached before.

By eating healthy and getting more exercise, Jim has lost almost 50 pounds, and I have lost over 30 pounds.  We have reduced or eliminated a few other prescriptions and found new ways to keep our bodies at healthy levels in the area of blood pressure and cholesterol.
Joining as a couple helped ensure our success.  We have been able to cheer each other on in our successes, and we have been able to keep each other accountable in times of weakness.  We have a team approach at mealtime and enjoy this extra time we spend together.

We have learned so much and created new healthy habits with the help of the Thriven Team and are so thankful for their support and insight. 
We look forward to continuing our journey of healthy living by applying all the things we learned in the last six months.

Jim & Lora Helman - Before

Jim & Lora Helman – Before


Jim & Lora Helman – After