Prior to having participated in the program here at Thriven, I was struggling to live.  I truthfully felt as though I was simply withering away. I had limited knowledge of my own bodily needs, and I certainly wasn’t aware of the sorts of things that were causing such illness and unrest. It was when I began working with the staff at Thriven that my hope was reinvigorated! When I had been asked what my long-term goal was, I said, “I want to be able to study abroad in Rome.” 

Dr. Loy had asked me to choose a word to keep in mind as I journeyed throughout the program, and the word I chose was “Radiant”. This progression towards true radiance and health allowed me to keep my long-term goal in mind, and by working with the team at Thriven, I was able to build up my health toolkit and have CONFIDENCE in the knowledge I had of my own body and symptoms.

This allowed me to do what was once unthinkable— to study abroad in Rome!