Meet Quincie Jones

Health Coach & Education Director

Growing up as a “military brat” I moved around some and met people from different backgrounds. I believe this has molded me into an open-minded person. I have always lived in the west, spending time in Idaho, Montana, Alaska & Wyoming. My parents are from Montana and I graduated high school from Belt, Montana. Growing up in these places has given me an appreciation for family, friends, animals and simple living.

My interest in education and health care started at a young age. I knew I wanted to either be a teacher or a nurse. I ended up becoming an educator and health promoter. I have an insatiable desire to learn and share. Because I couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted to do I ended up with bachelor degrees in Business Education, Physical Education & Health, and Health Promotion and a Master’s of Science in Science Education. My interests are broad and so I have also acquired several certifications including Yoga, HeartMath, Nutrition and Health Coaching. I have had the privilege of teaching and training all ages and abilities. Currently I am a full-time faculty member at Great Falls College where I teach courses in Human Anatomy & Physiology and part-time health coach at Thriven.

As a wife and mother I understand and appreciate the lessons and challenges that work, life and family bring us. My work as a health coach at Thriven enables me to share my experience and lessons as well as my passion for health & wellness. I sincerely believe we all have the ability to find and live our lives optimally. When we love ourselves enough to trust and be ourselves, we find our path.