As the seasons change, our immune systems gear up for their protective duties. Health Coach Jackie Lamb brings you five invaluable tips to either prevent illnesses or support your body when you’re under the weather. From nutritional choices to the importance of hydration, rest, movement, and strategic supplementation, these tips are designed to fortify your immune defenses during the fall and winter months.


  1. Nutrition: A Foundation for Immune Health:

Coach Jackie Lamb emphasizes the pivotal role nutrition plays in maintaining a robust immune system. While steering clear of sugary and processed foods is crucial, she also suggests exploring dietary adjustments like reducing dairy, gluten, and eggs, as they may impact mucus production. On the flip side, the focus should be on incorporating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables rich in polyphenols and vitamins to strengthen your body’s defense mechanisms.

  1. Hydration: Internal and External Support:

Proper hydration is a cornerstone of overall health, especially during seasons when illnesses are more prevalent. Coach Jackie Lamb recommends internal hydration through regular water intake, and she delves into the benefits of cool mist humidifiers as an external aid. These devices help reduce inflammation and moisten nasal cavities, contributing to the first line of defense against respiratory issues.

  1. Rest: Allowing Your Body to Heal:

Rest is a non-negotiable aspect of immune support. When you’re feeling under the weather, giving your body the rest it needs becomes paramount. Coach Jackie Lamb stresses the importance of recognizing the signs of impending illness and taking proactive measures to promote optimal sleep. Quality sleep aids in the restoration and repair of the body’s vital functions.

  1. Movement: Balancing Rest and Activity:

Contrary to conventional wisdom, movement can be beneficial during illness, especially for those experiencing sinus-related symptoms. Coach Jackie Lamb explains how gentle exercise, such as walking or light stretching, can help alleviate congestion. However, it’s essential to listen to your body, and if movement exacerbates fatigue, prioritizing rest becomes the primary focus.

  1. Supplementation: Strategic Support for Immune Health:

Coach Jackie Lamb offers a nuanced perspective on supplementation, emphasizing that it should complement, not replace, foundational health practices. Key supplements include Vitamin D3, zinc, and Vitamin C, which are known for their immune-boosting properties. Coach Jackie Lamb provides insights into each supplement’s role and underscores the importance of high-quality sourcing. Other potential supplements mentioned include magnesium, vitamin E, fish oil, and diverse probiotics.

Jackie’s five tips provide a comprehensive guide to fortifying your immune system during the fall and winter months. By combining sound nutritional choices, proper hydration, adequate rest, balanced movement, and strategic supplementation, you can empower your body to ward off illnesses or navigate them more effectively. As you embark on this journey of wellness, remember that these tips are not isolated practices but interconnected elements working together to support your overall health. Subscribe to our channel, follow us on social media, and stay tuned for more valuable insights to help you thrive in health and wellness.