This is now:

December 29, 2017
At age 54, my life was drastically changed by an AVM Brain Bleed. This led to a lifesaving craniotomy, 30+ days in the hospital, complete loss of the use of my entire left side.
I had become bedridden and incontinent.
I had to learn everything all over again:
To write, walk, talk & get out of bed all over again.
I lost the ability to perform my job.
I lost the ability to drive.
I felt stripped to my core.
I choose to leave THAT me behind!
I have gained more than I have lost.
I can say “I was an optimistic patient”.
I accepted every challenge.
I have worked long and hard.
I am as independent as I can safely be.

My motto is: Rise Up Now!

Thriven has empowered me to take charge of my own health.
I choose to rise above my disability and see it as a challenge.
I choose to be in the driver’s seat now!
I have a new sense of self confidence.
I am learning to listen and react to what my body needs.

Thank you Thriven for partnering with me!
I have set sail on the lifelong journey to self-healing.
Can you say Bon Voyage??