Cali Salmond, a Health Coach at Thriven Functional Medicine, delves into a transformational concept that can lead to lasting change in your life. By changing how you identify yourself, you can create a positive shift that profoundly impacts your health and well-being. Cali emphasizes the significance of this idea, encouraging us to reevaluate the language we use and the identities we adopt. Let’s explore the power of self-identification and how it can drive positive change in your health journey.

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  1. The Power of Self-Identification: Cali underscores that the most significant change you can make in your life is altering how you identify yourself. Your self-identity profoundly influences the life you experience. If you consistently label yourself as a procrastinator or an emotional eater, you’re more likely to live up to those identities. Cali challenges us to think about the language we use and how we identify ourselves in the context of our health.

  2. Changing Your Identity: Do you want to be known as an emotional eater or a stress eater? Probably not. Cali urges us to reconsider the language we use when discussing our eating habits. If you constantly identify as someone who eats out of stress or emotion, you’re likely to continue that pattern. Instead, visualize the person you want to become – someone who makes healthy choices. By focusing on this identity, you can begin to live it.

  3. Shifting Your Focus: Cali explains that what we experience in life is closely tied to where we direct our focus. If you use language that emphasizes how difficult something is, you’re likely to experience the challenge. For example, during the elimination phase of a health program, if you concentrate on what you can’t have, you’ll feel deprived. Shifting your focus to what you can have and how it positively affects you can alter your experience.

  4. The Brown and Red Experiment: Cali offers a simple experiment to illustrate the power of focus. She asks us to look around the room and take note of how many brown objects we see. Afterward, she questions how many red items we noticed. Most people will recall far fewer red objects. This demonstrates that what we concentrate on is what we experience.

Cali Salmond, a Health Coach at Thriven Functional Medicine, highlights the incredible influence of self-identification and focus in our lives. By changing how we identify ourselves and shifting our focus to the positive aspects of our health journey, we can create lasting change. Remember, what you focus on is what you experience, so choose your identity and your focus wisely for a healthier, happier life.