About five years ago, following a very stressful time in my life, I began to experience anxiety that intensified with time. Getting good sleep, if any at all, became a huge struggle. Slowly every aspect of my life was affected including feeling physically well. My body was often in fight or flight, and I felt completely drained. I was feeling so STUCK. I knew I needed guidance to change this and simply could not picture what my life would look like if things continued to worsen.

I was determined to find a way to feel well and feel JOY again


I was searching to find answers to heal as naturally as possible and traditional medicine wasn’t accommodating that. The information I was finding on my own was overwhelming not to mention conflicting. Thankfully my search led me to Thriven.


This program has helped me make the connection to begin healing my whole self and to feeling physically and mentally well. 


It’s absolutely worth the work, effort, and time you put in! I’m loving the results so far and feeling more like myself. I’m integrating what I’m learning into my life and know I’ll always be able to use the positive new skills + tools I’m gaining. I’m incredibly GRATEFUL for Dr. Loy and the entire Thriven team.