Maintaining balance in our life is essential for living a healthy life. If you want to find a recipe for success when it comes to achieving balance in your life – employ the essential elements of an Olympic athlete. During training, athletes must be disciplined and hold to a routine that integrates a proper balance of sleep, healthy nutrition and exercise. You might also liken it to the typical life of a young child who needs to eat, play and sleep to grow and develop optimally.

Few of us are Olympians, and we are no longer toddlers, but mature adults require the same basic formula for being healthy. Unfortunately, many of us have jobs that require so much time and effort that there is little daylight left for recreation or proper sleep. Busy schedules also contribute to having less time to procure foods and prepare healthy and nutritional meals. All of these factors contribute to the need for a better recipe for our health.


Know Your Needs

We are all individuals, and while we want to stay within recommended guidelines for things like getting enough sleep, 8 hours might not be your magic number. Some of us require more, and others may feel better getting slightly less sleep. The recommended caloric requirement for a person your age, gender, and height may not be what is best for you. Listen to your body about the kinds of food and quantities that make you feel and look your best. While you may not be aiming for a medal, physical activity and exercise keeps our metabolism strong, keeps us flexible and simply makes us feel better. How you incorporate exercise into your life is up to you – and influenced by your abilities, preferences, where you live, budget and time availability.


Incorporating Balance

One person’s balanced lifestyle is going to look entirely different from another family member or friend. Some factors to focus on that will help you attain your particular balanced lifestyle include:

  • Caring for and nurturing yourself – getting the right amount of food, sleep and activity.
  • Setting life priorities – by your values, such as career, family life or purposeful work.
  • Being organized and efficient – plan ahead for the week by making a “to-do” list and keeping to it.
  • Expecting the unexpected – learning to roll with the punches and letting things roll off you.
  • Maintaining a good attitude – will reward you in times of adversity and unforeseen happenings. Being grateful is key.
  • Connecting socially and spiritually – with friends and family and engaging in hobbies or activities that bring you joy and civic satisfaction. Know what fills you up when you are empty (nature, church, meditation) and practice it.

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