Crystal Ash
October 19, 2022
Lauren Wilkins
December 7, 2022
Crystal Ash
October 19, 2022
Lauren Wilkins
December 7, 2022
The other day my friend Mike asked me, “What supplements can I take to help my gut health.” And I thought, oh my goodness
that is such a great question, but how am I going to answer that in just a few minutes. Gut health is such a huge topic. Hippocrates, the father of medicines, knew thousands of years ago that health or disease begins and ends in the gut. If you’re like a lot of people that we’ve worked with you’ve studied this and you know and you’ve started to understand how important gut health is. Where do we start? There’s so much information, so overwhelming it feels like it’s too much to even begin. And I thought wait a second! It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to take so much time! Let’s break it down, let’s make it simple because, to be honest if
you’re like me, you’re so busy and stretched so thin you don’t have time to spend a lot of time figuring this out or trying to get things going in the right direction with your gut health. So I have worked on what would be the top five supplements that you could take that would help get your gut health going in the right direction. So let’s dive into this.
1. Fish Oil – Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Fish oil fish oil is also known as omega-3 fatty acids. Now yes, you can get all of these from your diet but a lot of us have compromised
diets so a supplement can really help omega-3 fatty acids are so important for actually a whole ton of reasons but one of the biggest ones is for gut health so get a good one take it consistently.
2. Curcumin – Trumeric Root
Right, number two that I recommend for gut health is curcumin. Curcumin actually comes from a root called turmeric. It’s used in
spices. There’s a lot of things that turmeric can do but one of the big things that curcumin does is help with gut healing it reduces inflammation. It can actually help even fight viruses and support the liver so it’s a really great one to add.
3. Probiotics
Number three – this will probably not surprise you – but probiotics is definitely something that I recommend to help start getting your gut health on track. Now there’s a lot of different probiotics. We’re not going to get into that today but getting a good, well-balanced or well-rounded probiotic can definitely help you with your gut health.
4. Digestive Enzymes
All right number four is digestive enzymes. The body naturally makes digestive enzymes and it’s absolutely crucial to have enough of those to digest and absorb your food. And the nutrients in the food which is a key for good health especially gut healing but many of us are deficient for one reason or another so adding those as a supplement can be very beneficial for gut healing and actually overall health in general.
Now number five was really tough for me because there’s so many how is how can I narrow it down to just one more of our
top five but I finally settled on fiber.
5. Fiber
Now that might sound really boring and yes, you can get fiber from your diet but again most of us are not getting enough and especially something called soluble fiber so so, so key for gut health it does other really cool things too like absorb toxins and help regulate blood sugar but you can get good quality fiber-soluble fiber supplements that help you as well
Now we could do a whole bunch more this is just the tip of the iceberg and right now you might be wondering well where am I going to get these and how much should I take and is this a good one those are such great questions and I can’t really answer those today, I’m not giving you specific medical advice today, just education to get you going in the right direction. One of the most important things we do here is help people learn all of those things through a proper education and we would love to help you if you need it but what I’m asking you today is just get started by moving in the right direction Something is always better than nothing and the second thing I would like to ask you is if you could share what are you struggling with around your gut health what kind of symptoms are you having a lot of people have gas and bloating and heartburn indigestion constipation or diarrhea the list can go on and on but where can we support you I would really love to develop more education maybe even a complete course on gut health that could help people in the time that we have in our crazy busy lives in these stressful times that we’re living in that will help you move in the direct right direction so please share your comments your thoughts on what’s going on with you where do you need support what additional information can I provide to support you remember you are not alone and you are loved take care.

Narrowing supplements down to the top 5 was a challenge, but alas, Dr. Anderson was able to pinpoint which ones and why. Book a free call with a Thriven Health Coach:… Online courses:… Follow Thriven On Social Media: Facebook:… Instagram:… Call our office at 406-205-8100 or text us at 1-833-439-8791 Thanks for watching! Tell us what you want to know more about in comments below. #guthealth #supplements #guthealthsupplements #healthylifestyle #healthy #microbiome #thrivenfm #dranderson

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