I started my health journey at Thriven Functional Medicine, about four months ago (July 2020).
At that point I felt crummy all of the time. I no longer enjoyed doing the things my family and I loved to do together- hiking, biking, rafting, cross-country skiing, etc.

Tricia Sommer

I knew I wasn’t the most “unhealthy me”, but I wasn’t anywhere near the “optimal me” I would’ve liked to be.
I have dealt with stomach issues since I was a child, but I was constantly dealing with headaches, heartburn and/or cramping/bloating (I literally looked like I was 7-8 months pregnant after eating anything at all). My doctor had referred me to a gastroenterologist who just kept prescribing me medicines to mask my symptoms.
Honestly, I felt worse, physically and emotionally, while seeing her. After leaving her office two times in tears, a mutual friend set me up with Anisha.

Meeting with Anisha and signing up for this program is the BEST investment I’ve ever made. I was fearful of food and hated cooking. I now not only enjoy prepping meals and eating healthy delicious food but I no longer have to hide in oversized sweatshirts to cover up my embarrassing non-pregnant stomach.

I am feeling really, really good again, physically, mentally and emotionally!
I am doing all the things I used to love to do… including exercising again.
The support and resources I’ve received from all of the Thriven staff is phenomenal. The passion they have for helping all the practice members is beyond inspiring to me. I enjoy coming into the office for dr. visits, participating in online coaching calls & various classes.
I don’t feel like just a “patient” here at Thriven. I feel like a “friend”.