Wellness Packages

The key to achieving optimal health is finding and treating the root cause of the dysfunction, imbalance or “dis-ease”.

This requires a comprehensive approach that is centered on the patient and focused on addressing the whole person. That is exactly what we provide in our wellness lifestyle programs. Our mission is to help our clients reach all their goals, and we know you can’t leave anything out if you are going to succeed. Our programs are personalized to you and your needs:

  • Step by step curriculum that covers the five basic pillars of health and much more
  • In depth lab evaluations (may include blood, saliva, stool and/or urine)
  • Personalized coaching support
  • Physician grade supplements and nutraceuticals
  • Accountability and connection

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

We work with a wide range of clients; some are already in great health and simply want to insure a vibrant future or prevent disease, some are struggling to hang on to the last thread at the end of their rope and have run out of options, and everyone in between.  We will meet you right where you are, and recommend and design the program that will best meet your needs.

Ready to start your journey?

Learn more and decide if this is the solution you’ve been looking for by coming to our next free dinner seminar, or schedule a free call right now with one of our team.


We offer couples discounts as well as discounts for immediate family members of clients who have completed a program. We have a strong desire to serve military, law enforcement, clergy and medical professionals, and may be able to offer discounts for these special people as well. Thank you for your service!