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I am not perfect and that’s okay.
January 22, 2018
The Benefits of Meditation
February 12, 2018
I am not perfect and that’s okay.
January 22, 2018
The Benefits of Meditation
February 12, 2018

42587703 - exercise illustration - plankHave you heard of the Scientific 7-Minute Workout? If not, you may be missing out on a vital way to increase your overall level of health and wellness.

One of the main problems people have with regular exercise is a lack of understanding on what is effective and efficient. Efficiency is important because in our day to day lives, it can be hard to carve out a significant chunk of time to focus on regular exercise.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Backed by science (hence the name), the Scientific 7-Minute Workout combines 12 simple exercises with a chair and a wall. The only tool you need to complete these high-intensity workouts is your body. What does this mean for you? A quick way to maximize the benefits of a long run and some time in the weight room, all in 7 minutes or less.

Research has proven that high intensity workouts are not only good for your body, but good for your mind. A few minutes of high intensity training close to your body’s maximum capacity induces molecular changes within muscles that can be comparable to several hours of running or riding a bicycle.

The exercises include:

  • Jumping jacks;
  • Wall sits;
  • Push-ups;
  • Abdominal crunches;
  • Step-ups onto chair;
  • Squats;
  • Tricep dips on chair;
  • Planks;
  • High knees running in place;
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups and rotations, and;
  • Side planks.

The exercises outlined in the the Scientific 7-Minute Workout are meant to be completed in rapid succession, with each taking about 30 seconds to complete, followed by 10 second rest periods in between. Keep in mind, this workout is designed to be intense and not entirely pleasant, but just tell yourself, “you can do anything for just seven minutes!”

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